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Nowadays you can buy almost anything online and most of the online stores give commission to web sites which give them customers. The idea behind Shop to Donate is for a web site to give this commission to charity if you do your shopping using their links. Some Shop to Donate web sites have affiliate agreements with loads of different online shops and so they can also be called Charity Malls.

Some online stores, like have a separate address you can use to make your purchase and Amazon will make a small donation when you make a purchase. Simply use the address instead of the normal and you are good to go! Another way to create donations is to buy the goods from a charity mall which has an affiliate agreement with different online shops. For you the price is exactly the same and the product is exactly the same, but if you buy it using the links from GoodShop for example, then GoodShop will receive a commission and donate part of that to a charity. The donation from purchases through GoodShop is often quite low only 1.5% or so but with some shops the donation amount can be as high as 30%.

To get an idea of what kinds of things you can buy from a Charity Mall, visit the following sites:

Good Shop:


Here is a UK specific Charity Mall:

And here is a direct link to a charity mall from The Environment Site:

Shop to Donate reminders

The real trick is to remember to go to a shopping to donate site when you are going to buy something. For that purpose there are reminder services which automatically notify you when you go to a shopping site which has an affiliate agreement with the particalur shopping to donate site. At the moment I know of two reminder services:
- Igive
- Gumdrop by Goodshop.

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