Using the right internet search engines to make free donations

Imagine making a small charity donation for free every time you search the web with a search engine - well now you can. The search engines make money from different kinds of advertising on their site. To make more money the search engines try to get more people to do searches with their engine. Therefore many search engines are willing to take a portion of their revenue and give it to sites which host their search box and give them "searches".

Now suppose there was a site that had an affiliate agreement with one or more search engines and would donate all or part of the money they get when you make a search through their site. As you probably guessed, there are such sites.

You can choose a search to donate site according to which search engine you wish to use. Currently you can choose from the following: Google, Yahoo and Mirago. - Google   (100% donated) - Mirago   (100% donated) - Yahoo   (50% donated)

Please note that although Good Search only donates 50% of revenue, they still manage to donate about one penny per search - which is awesome.

Where does the money come from?

Most search engines show advertising on their pages, but this is only one part of their income. More and more search engines are turning into so called pay-per-click search engines where websites can pay a small fee so that their website will appear on the search results before other sites with the same keywords. When you do a search with Ask Jeeves it sometimes says "sponsored result" after the link. This means that if you click on that particular link then the company will pay Ask Jeeves a few cents or more. Ask Jeeves will then give some of this money to Charity Cafe because that is where the search came from.

There is no need to do anything differently. Just use the search engines as you normally would and that's it.

You can bookmark and set your favorite one as your start page for easy access. Or better yet - use one of our click to donate scripts to keep your chosen search engine as your start page and at the same time make using click to donate sites really easy. Click here to learn more.

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