Re-use or Recycle?

Re-using is more efficient than recycling. Of course, anything you can not re-use should be recycled, but before recycling see if it can be re-used instead. Re-using is infact often much easier than recycling.

Here are some clever resources to help you give away things you no longer need.


    Both of these sites work basically the same - you can give away things you no longer need and search for something you do need. So next time you are throwing away something - anything really, consider giving it away instead. It might have some value to someone else and with bulkier items it is often easier to give it away than to organize the transport to a garbage dump.

  • Recycle your used mobile phone

    These days people often buy a new mobile phone before the old one has stopped working. If you can not sell your old mobile phone, you can give it away (see above) or donate it to Collective Good.

    collective good

    Recycle your old mattress

    Where can I recycle?

    If you can't re-use or give away, then use these resources to see if you can recycle your item.

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